It feels so good to be finishing projects again... even if they are of the miniature variety.
I spent the majority of my weekend knitting time attempting to seam a man-sized cardigan. I woke-up Sunday morning confident I was going to complete like, four FOs during football. Instead, I engaged in a day-long, stare-down with a pile of pieces and turned-in for the evening miserably defeated.  
Today I focussed my attention on a more attainable goal and took a step closer to clearing the decks for a fresh start in October. 
Pattern: Duck Duck Goose Lace Baby Cardigan by Coryna Blasko
Yarn: 2 hanks Spud & Chloe Sweater in Firefly
Needles: Size 6US Addi Click interchangeables
Notes: There were a few hiccups with the pattern, which have since been resolved. I would suggest anyone planning to knit this look over the pattern to select/piece together the portions relevant to the size you plan to knit, because this pattern is 12 pages, and most of the content applies only to individual sizes. Otherwise, I love this little jacket. The lace is relatively easy to take to memory, and the construction is wonderful! I especially love the formation of the hood. I'm not sure whether it's apparent in the photos, but the hood is beautifully shaped and doesn't have a seam down the center, as so many hooded garments tend to. Additionally, I think it's great that the sleeves have a taper to them and I really enjoy the small details in the button band and edging. Spud & Chloe Sweater is FANTASTIC for baby knits. It's super soft and squishy, not to mention machine washable, without being synthetic. I knit size 1, the smallest; however, girlfriend was in a huge hurry to get here and arrived this afternoon (healthily)...much, much earlier than expected, so smallest, probably isn't small enough for immediate purposes. 


09/27/2011 01:43:42

what a cute sweater!



09/27/2011 12:42:28

Your baby knits always look great!


09/28/2011 15:59:18

That sweater is gorgeous. Every time I see someone's finished work it makes me want to start something as nice.
Great job


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