Footsie 09/27/2011
Tah Dah! My July socks! Finished in September, but finished nonetheless! Besides, who's keeping score? Except me, and I'm not an unreasonably cruel,  dictating, task-mistress...most of the time. Alright, it's more along the lines 50% of the time.  
I haven't really been feeling up to knitting socks lately. That is, until about a week ago, when the temperature started to stay steady between 50 and 60 degrees F. My feet are always first to notice a change in weather, and they've, regretfully, reported to me that barefoot season is over for the year. 
I had Brenda Patipa's Tribute  socks queued before reading the back story to their inception. I think they're really gorgeous. After reading the pattern dedication, I will never not think of the lovely friendship they pay tribute to. Seriously, what more appropriate posthumous homage could one knitter give another than to write a pattern honoring her crowning knitting achievement. It's so sweet, I get all weepy thinking about it.
Pattern: Tribute by Brenda Patipa
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock in Corsage
Needles: Addie Lace 1.5 US
Notes: I had to majorly modify. I have really small feet. I cut my stitch count to fifty two (from 68) and worked the chart rows 1-24 between columns 5-26 only, eliminating the YO on the 7th stitch for rows 13,17 and 21. This worked really well for me. Additionally, I divided my stitches evenly and continued working from the leg chart after the heel turn. I love Tosh sock, but I'm not sure on this color. It keeps changing. At the shop it looked pale pink. At home, it's... mauve taupe?? I suppose it doesn't matter. They're done. That's what counts!


09/28/2011 02:36:55

Now that is something I am yet to master - knitting socks! To tell you the truth a friend of mine tried to teach me on the second day of me holding knitting needles and, of course it all looked way to complicated. Several years into knitting I still haven't had the courage to try again.

Your socks looks beautiful!


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