I spent the entirety of last night seaming and sewing-on buttons. In the process, I noticed a pretty major pattern mistake in my double seed stitch. SHIT. No, biggie, it's an asymmetrical cardigan, and the error is near the top of the small panel. I can totally RIP and re-knit. In fact, I could probably get the whole process completed before the weekend. 

Lightbulb! Before I slash my seams, let's see how this thing looks.
 Huh.... I anticipated a drapey, cape-like cardigan... hence the name. But HERS is definitely a sweater; not a... dress??? I knit all my pieces to the correct gauge and dimensions.  Am I really a foot (more) shorter than the model?
Hmmm...maybe I don't hate it... I do kinda feel like I'm walking around in a baby llama blanket. 
This is better than sweatpants. Happenstance? Can I pull this off? I tend to dress pretty, well... boring. 
It is really, really cozy... 
Can we take a minute to marvel at those vintage buttons.... 1930's deco... 

I don't know what to do. Mike... no help. 

It's in your hands. Answer the survey to leave your vote below. And, if you feel passionately, argue your case in the comments. 

    WSMD? (What Should Michelle Do?)



09/20/2011 10:27:52

It looks like a big, cozy hug! I think you look adorable in it. It's a keeper.



09/20/2011 11:04:35

I'd fix the stitches...



09/20/2011 11:09:40

What happens when you lift your arms? It does look cozy.


09/20/2011 11:21:02

It's roomy enough through the sides that it doesn't raise when I lift my arms; the opening kinda slide up to my elbows. Though, I can totally make myself look like a flying squirrel if I laterally lift both my arms. :-)


09/20/2011 11:32:23

I would keep it the way it is. I personally love the long sweater look with leggings and jeans.



09/20/2011 12:30:22

But you are a HOTT flying squirrel. I think that you need to start a new trend! I am totally diggin it. However, I would NEVER get to wear it down here.



09/20/2011 16:22:05

i really like it! If you decide it's too much, you could always hand it down to your much taller sister!


09/20/2011 16:43:05

Always thinking, Hal! :-D I do owe you a sweater... err... pants...


09/20/2011 20:23:14

LOVE it. Leggings and boots and a bit ol' scarf.

outfit- DONE.

It's awesome.


09/21/2011 13:10:39

So cute! I've seen this style everywhere. I actually love it!


09/22/2011 22:57:17

Before I even read what you wrote I thought "Oh, I like that sweater. I should make that!" Keep it! I think it's very stylish and looks super comfy.


09/23/2011 01:47:31

Same with Paula, I saw pics first and thought Oooh how cute! And then read that it came out long. I love it how you're wearing it in the pictures, it's awesome. I'd go ahead and fix and keep.


09/26/2011 16:48:53

i love it - i would also love to see it unbuttoned with a big scarf (not a wool scarf but like an H&M; type scarf). betcha that would look awesome too :)


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