Little Victories 09/23/2011
Most of my knitting is of a selfish nature. I'm known to be occasionally generous in this regard, but let's face it, though thoroughly enjoyable, knitting is a lot of work, and my time ain't free. I will gladly teach you how to knit and provide you with endless support, but I won't do it for you; with two exceptions: babies and dogs
I can barely contain myself when it comes to baby knits. They're so stinking CUTE! My Ravelry queue is full of them! As I have no intention of boarding the baby train anytime soon, I take full advantage of the opportunity to knit for my prego friends. 
And, finally, I get to use pink!  
Pattern: Bitty Cabled Cardigan by Heather Cabanas
Yarn: Vana's Choice Baby in Pink Poodle
Notes:  I knit for the largest size, newborn.  Initially, I was worried the yarn was too course, but after steaming, it softened a lot. I LOVE the wide neckline. It's guaranteed not to be constrictive or irritating. This pattern is going into regular rotation, for sure. Also thanks to Ms. French Press for her display idea. I left my paper towels on the stand and stuffed the sleeves... I bet it will be even more adorable on a chubby little body.


09/24/2011 09:48:09

I am a selfish knitter too! I have given people things and will continue to for special reasons but you're right. Often times people will say, "I don't want to spend $30 on a hat, will you knit me one?" But they just don't know how to knit and they only know chain store yarns so they can't understand.

That said, I also really find it hard to part with beautiful yarn. If I find something special, I want it for me.


09/25/2011 00:39:11

Totally precious!


09/26/2011 20:40:26

I love this sweater. If only it came in a two year old size.


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