... Are stocked.
Right on cue, in time for Labor Day, the weather shifted. Temperatures dropped overnight from 90 to 65 degrees, and it has been impossible to not be excited for fall. With the extra hours Labor Day provided, I began preparations. 

I took inventory and began contemplating woolies. (And, then I promised myself I wouldn't cast-on any new projects until I managed to jump the hump and finish the ones I have in progress.) 
 I made my first batch of chili, a favorite recipe at our house. 
And, I did some marathon snoozing, so as to stockpile as much energy as possible for upcoming months. After all, there's a lot to look forward to. 


09/07/2011 02:00:55 that your yarn, in cubbies at your home?? JEALOUS. Looks so pretty.

Can't wait til it cools down here so I can have fall weather food. I already broke down and baked bread in my 80 degree apt and can't get myself to do that again haha.


Karla Konieczki

09/07/2011 04:46:26

Looks yummy! I am not ready for the fall weather yet!


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