Must Finish... 09/28/2011
I'm slightly obsessed with trying to finish all my WIPs before the weekend. This is the third night this week I've stayed up past bedtime to seam, sew on buttons, and weave in loose ends. 
It shouldn't matter whether or not I am able to take care of all these rouge projects before the start of October, but it really, really does. I need a clean slate. And, I need it to start within its designated time frame. Like, getting through the weekend and starting a diet on a Monday, because it's so much easier to start on Monday than it would be to drop everything and start immediately.... it might sound silly. But  truly, I have to plan and prepare before executing. Definitely not a "fly by the seat of her pants" or "go with the flow" kind of girl. 
I digress. This cardigan was a MONDO pain in the A$$! And, I have no one to blame, but myself. Because, though this sweater is for Mike, I really knit it for me. It's not a pattern he would have ever chosen for himself. In fact, I doubt he's ever owned anything like it. However, I think now that he has such a perfect, throw over anything, smart, sexy, sophisticated, go-to cardigan he's gonna get hooked. At least I'm hoping. He might be the one wearing, but I'm the one looking, and I liking what I'm seeing! 
Mike is a gracious recipient. He, too, stayed up past his bedtime and enabled my madness. He even allowed me to get a couple pictures, but he was, shall I say, less than excited. We will execute a more formal photo shoot during daylight hours. Right now, I'd better get some sleep.
Pattern: Forever Classic Heirloom Cables Cardigan availible FREE on the Lion Brand Website
Yarn: 1680 yds. Di.Ve Zenneth 100% Merino
Needles: Size 4 and Size 6 Stiletto Signature Circs.
Notes: This pattern is not difficult and looks incredible now that it's finished, but there's a RIDICULOUS amount of seaming involved. I couldn't stomach any more by the time I got to the button band. Instead, I opted to pick-up and knit around. This yarn is unbelievable gorgeous! I found myself questioning the fiber content repeatedly, because it almost feels like bamboo. It creates a beautiful fabric. My only complaint is that it does tend to split. I love that I didn't need to make any height/length/width modifications for this sweater to come out the right size for Mike. It's even the right amount of extra long. But, if you're knitting for anyone shorter than 6'1, you may want to reconsider your sizing. Also, the buttons are quite possibly my favorite buttons I've ever used on a garment. They're vintage, combination wood/ceramic. I'm really jealous that he gets them, so I may have to go stalk my button guy to see if he's got any more stashed in his stacks.


09/29/2011 02:21:35

What a gorgeous cardigan, the cables are amazing and inspire me to finally give cables a go. Lovely!


09/29/2011 20:06:01

It looks great! My Mike has expressed a desire for a cardigan to just throw on when he's chilly but I don't have the patience or the speed to knit something like that. You're really talented.


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