Supper Time 09/11/2011
This weekend was full to the brim. Most of our time was spent away from home and with other people, which is always wonderful, but sometimes it's nice to be two. The simplicity of functioning as a pair is sweetly serene. To recuperate, today, Mike and I spent the entire day ignoring the rest of the world and paid attention to only each other. I highly recommend it.

The weather here continues to cooperate; it was too beautiful to hide indoors, so we hid amongst the crowds on Division roaming Renegade, where we treated each other and supported some of our favorite local artists.  
Then, we came home and had a fall-inspired dinner for two. 
I might eat apples in/with every meal for the next month so that I can get my fill while they're in season. This salad is a palate pleaser, and it's SO EASY.
And, this butternut squash and apple soup is tasty! We added a tiny bit of salt and sprinkled it with cinnamon to boost the flavors.  

Now, please excuse me, I've got some snuggling and Sunday Football to attend to. There are still a solid couple QT hours left in the day. 


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