The First 09/13/2011
I was beginning to worry that I'd lost my ability to finish a project. After all, it's nearly the mid-point mark of the month, and I hadn't posted a single FO. 
I contemplated why, for all the hours I've devoted to knitting, I haven't achieved any noteworthy success. I realized, lately, I've had a tendency to rotate projects almost daily, rather than see any single one through. It's not my usual approach, but I may be in better shape than I thought because of it. Things are starting to come together and dropping off the needles like cars on an assembly line. 
The first to finish, is my Myrtle Cardigan
Myrtleby Snowden Becker
Yarn: 2 entire hanks of Dream in Color Uneven Sock in Happy Forest????? The color is a guess, I bought this at the warehouse sale, and it came unmarked. 
Notes: I knit for the size Medium. And, the dimensions are very true to the pattern specifications. However, I seem to have used only about 900 yards of yarn as opposed to the 1200-1600 yds. the pattern suggests are required.  

There is A LOT to think about while you're knitting this sweater; I highly doubt anyone could suffer boredom during the course of this project.  I found the charts impossible to memorize because there are so many different patterns. However, once you get into a groove, they come pretty easily. 

The sleeves on this are very cleverly set-in to maintain the continuity of the pattern, which I quite like. But, I feel like the shoulder join is a little rigid and "pointy", for lack of a better term. It's likely that this will be a self-resolving issue after a few wears and breaking-in. I'll report back on this.
I may revisit my button band to tighten it up by 8-10 sts., because, as it is, it puckers a bit between buttons. Speaking of buttons, I used an opalescent shell type button. I think they are the perfect amount classy to pair with this feminine knit.  The buttons were purchased here. If you're ever in the area, it's a shop worth visiting. Don't go expecting yarn, despite the name, and the fabric is... hit or miss. But, he has the BEST button selection I've ever laid eyes on. 

Myrtle is tucked away neatly in the closet for now; it's still a bit too warm for sweaters, but I'm excited to add another cardigan to my fall wardrobe and know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it!



09/13/2011 13:31:36

Such a beautiful sweater! It came out so well. I love the yarn you picked. The photos are amazing too. Very cool!


09/13/2011 19:12:19

Wow. I love this! It's stunning and fits you perfectly.


09/13/2011 21:58:09

it is beautiful! love.
i could never make anything like it so you amaze me!


09/14/2011 06:58:23

it's beautiful! i absolutely adore it!


09/14/2011 07:39:33

And you look great in it!


09/14/2011 07:50:21

Your sweater is gorgeous! I love sweaters knit with sock weight yarn, even if they do take longer to knit than those done with a heavier weight.


09/18/2011 16:31:38

absolutely gorgeous - love the colour :)



09/20/2011 07:42:47

This sweater is beautiful. Makes me wish I could knit more than just washcloths. Gorgeous!


09/23/2011 01:45:48

Ooh I love this!! So pretty!


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